Family Information

Welcome to the Mc Neill family

County : Wexford

About Us

Hello we are a family of 5 . David, Lavinia, Orla[19] Zara [16] Alex [15]. We have 2 dogs Rascel and Rio which are outdoor pets. We live in Ardamine which is a two minute walk to the beach. And a 2 minute drive or 10 minute walk to courtown were there is plenty of activities to enjoy such as swiming , fishing, surfing and forest walks. David's pastime is fishing and there are many different speices to catch from the local beaches. Lavinia is a stay at home mum . Orla is has just finished a course in Tourism and event management anf is now gone on to study tourism and buisness in WIT and also loves to play rugby. Zara is now studying for her leaving cert in June 2019 she loves to play gaelic football and plays soccer she also loves to go fishing with her dad and Alex. Alex is studying for his junior cert for June 2019 he loves to play rugby and plays for one of the top teams in leinster and also loves to fish . There is also a local lesuire centre which has a swimming pool , zip lining and lazer tag. There is also a seal sactuary on the same complex.

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Hosting Details

  • Host For: Both
  • Children Age: 11-15 Years
  • Established: from 7 Year
  • Capacity: 2 Student

Our Family, Children

  • Our Children(s) : 3 Children
  • Hobbies & Sports you can experience: Rugby, soccer, Gaelic football, Fishing, crab fishing, surfing and swimming
  • Host Father Details:
  • Name : David
  • Age : 44 Year
  • Occupation : Caretaker
  • Hobbies : Fishing, reading and watching rugby
  • Host Mother Details:
  • Name : Lavinia
  • Age : 41 Year
  • Occupation : Carer and I mind 2 children aged 2 and 9 a few hours a week
  • Hobbies : Reading, cooking,watching rugby and Gaelic football I also love socialising with family and friends having bbqs and family days out .

Activities / Services

  • Airport collection
  • Airport drop off
  • Language Spoken at Home : English
  • Own Bedroom Possible : Yes
  • Number of Bedrooms: 4
  • About Our House : WE live in a 4 bedroom 3 bathroom detached house .
  • Activity : Rugby, soccer, Gaelic football, Fishing, crab fishing, surfing and swimming

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    Hosting Prices

    • Hosting Per Day at Price €55.00
    • Hosting Per Week at Price €388.00
    • Hosting Per Month at Price €1,555.00
    • Hosting Per Year at Price €13,995.00

    Activities / Services

    • Airport collection at Price €75.00
    • Airport drop off at Price €75.00