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County : Waterford

About Us

We are the Phelan family. We are a fun active family with four daughters and we live in the south of Ireland, also known as the sunny south East. I am a qualified secondary and primary school teacher, however I have being teaching in the primary sector for the last 12 years. My husband is a chef. The hobbies that my children participate on a weekly basis include swimming, gymnastics, horse riding, scouts and athletics. The area in which we live is very safe and friendly. It is walking distance from the gym/swimming pool ( 5 minutes), from the cinema ( 10 minutes) , from the city (15 minutes) . There is a wide selection of local beautiful beaches and mountains that we go to weekly a short drive from our home. There are a wide selection of secondary schools also within walking distance from our school. St Pauls Community College, Brownes Road, Waterford is 5 minutes drive from our house. It is a mixed school and is very popular with visiting students. The Mercy Secondary School, Waterford, is also a very popular school. I teach in the Mercy primary school. We are experienced in having visiting students in our home. Students have enjoyed their stay with us, their standard of English has improved as we are very chatty and attentive and most of all they had fun and made life long friends. Don't hesitate to pop me a message and I can help to with any additional questions

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Hosting Details

  • Host For: Girl
  • Children Age: 11-15 Years
  • Established: from 5 Year
  • Capacity: 2 Student

Our Family, Children

  • Our Children(s) : 4 Children
  • Hobbies & Sports you can experience: Scouts, gym, swimming, athletics, horse riding, visual arts, cinema , shopping, hiking
  • Host Father Details:
  • Name : Fergal
  • Age : 44 Year
  • Occupation : chef
  • Hobbies : walking, cinema , cooking, soccer
  • Host Mother Details:
  • Name : Claire
  • Age : 43 Year
  • Occupation : teacher
  • Hobbies : sports, hiking, cinema

Activities / Services

  • horse riding
  • Gym
  • Swimming
  • Language Spoken at Home : English
  • Own Bedroom Possible : Yes
  • Number of Bedrooms: 4
  • About Our House : Our house is a four bedroom semi detached house. It is built in an suburban district. It has a large green area outside the front garden.. It has a front and back garden. It has school, church, supermaket, gym and local nature park within 5 minutes walk
  • Activity : Scouts, gym, swimming, athletics, horse riding, visual arts, cinema , shopping, hiking

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    Hosting Prices

    • Hosting Per Day at Price €55.00
    • Hosting Per Week at Price €400.00
    • Hosting Per Month at Price €1,555.00
    • Hosting Per Year at Price €13,950.00

    Activities / Services

    • horse riding at Price €20.00
    • Gym at Price €8.00
    • Swimming at Price €5.00