Family Information

MUSICAL McKenna Host Family

County : Monaghan

About Us

HSY HOSTING ONLY! Our family have hosted students over the past 3 years with great success. Families have said that 'WE are THE BEST FAMILY that they had experienced!!' We have had offers from families to visit them in their own country, we have had THANK YOU emails from families!! If you come to stay with us we will do everything to make you feel at home and recreate the experiences of our previous visitors. We believe in good food and try to buy organic food and home cooking as much as possible, we have a very varied menu and as one family member is COELIAC we can cater for anyone with coeliac requirements!! We love healthy food and we always make our own yogurt and smoothies. We love to walk and the outdoor life. Sean LOVES to fish and going hunting, sports and music. We are an IRISH MUSIC house and there is always music on somewhere in our house, we have LPs and a turn table. Michael loves to DJ and he plays in a band. Helen plays the fiddle and the harp, Vincent plays the tin whistle and the flute, Susan plays the you can see that MUSIC is a BIG part our lives. All the local schools are VERY GOOD, Sean goes to St. Macartans College and he has an opportunity for a very good educational experience. Every year the school has a show...Sean has in 'Joseph and his amazing dream coat' (photo included) where Sean was the ELVIS pharaoh and it was a fantastic production, Sean says that being involved in the show really brought their year together. Sean is a member of his local gaelic football club and he has won an 'ALL IRELAND' sport competition (photo attached) which was a unique experience. Through out the summer and autumn Sean plays for his team and he goes to the gym to stay fit. Vincent and I love gardening and we try to grow our own fruit and veg as much as possible. We would be delighted to host you and will ensure that we stay in touch with your family to keep them up to date on your progress!! WELCOME TO THE MCKENNA HOME :)

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Hosting Details

  • Host For: Both
  • Children Age: 16+ Years
  • Established: from 3 Year
  • Capacity: 2 Student

Our Family, Children

  • Our Children(s) : 3 Children
  • Hobbies & Sports you can experience: MUSIC, FOOTBALL, SOCCER, SWIMMING, GOLF, FISHING
  • Host Father Details:
  • Name : Vincent
  • Age : 50 Year
  • Occupation : Engineer
  • Hobbies : MUSIC, YOGA, WALKING
  • Host Mother Details:
  • Name : Susan
  • Age : 50 Year
  • Occupation : NURSE

Activities / Services

  • Airport transport
  • swimming
  • music classes
  • Language Spoken at Home : English
  • Own Bedroom Possible : Yes
  • Number of Bedrooms: 4
  • About Our House : we live in a detached house in a small estate within walking distance of Monaghan town. We are close to all amenities, such as the swimming pool, football, soccer, cinema, pitch and putt all close by. We have SUPER FAST BROADBAND, instruments such as guitars, whistles, fiddles, turn table. Sean has a work out bench, bicycles. Vincent and Sean loves to fix things so we have a work shop where they try to fix small equipment.

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    Hosting Prices

    • Hosting Per Day at Price €55.00
    • Hosting Per Week at Price €388.00
    • Hosting Per Month at Price €1,555.00
    • Hosting Per Year at Price €13,995.00

    Activities / Services

    • Airport transport at Price €50.00
    • swimming at Price €6.00
    • music classes at Price €6.00